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High Arctic Seafoods & Steaks brings you the finest, all wild, seafood products straight from the open ocean, along with choice meats and poultry naturally raised on the local small farm.

Free Range and Naturally Raised Meat Products Image

Wild Seafood

AAA Angus Beef

Free Range Buffalo

Natural Pork

Free Range Chicken

What Our Customers Are Saying...

  • The quality and flavor of High Arctic's seafood and meats is amazing! It is so nice to not worry about the quality and safety of our food. We're on our fourth order.
    Cindy Trubeck

  • I love it when the truck shows up in front of my house. I can stock my freezer without driving to four different grocery stores and I especially don't miss the line ups!
    Jim Stemford

  • My husband Tom really wanted to try Buffalo Steaks but I was a little hesitant... Now it's my favorite choice and it's sooooo healthy!
    Susan Bell

  • I once received a box of High Arctic seafood as a Christmas gift. It was a very special treat and now I'm a regular customer. I really love the buffalo!
    Greg Samuels

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